Preventative Maintenance

Our philosophy is simple; let’s try to address potential problems before they happen. We do this through our Preventive Maintenance Program, which we tailor to meet each Customers’ needs and budget. All of our employees are expected to share in preserving and enhancing the company’s image and reputation of integrity, credibility, and honesty.

Regular scheduled maintenance is very cost effective as our skilled technicians ensure that your equipment is working efficiently. Maintenance programs have also been known to lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. Think of your HVAC equipment as a car; would you expect two identical vehicles to run exactly the same if one has had regular oil changes and tune-ups and the other had not?

Your HVAC equipment is important to us, and represents a sizeable portion of your company’s assets. Make sure that you are taking the proper procedures to ensure your systems are working effectively and efficiently. Contact our office today to request a complimentary site visit for a maintenance proposal.




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What Our Clients are Saying

XTRA Mechanical have consistently applied a proactive approach in providing their services to us, always staying one step ahead of our concerns in anticipation of future requirements.


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