Xtra is an advocate for preventative maintenance and repairing HVAC equipment when needed, however, the fact of the matter is there is a point where it is more budget friendly to replace your equipment instead of continuously repairing it. Let Xtra help you with that decision. Our online asset management database, XTRAK, will allow our team to assess the specifics of your unit. We will take into consideration the age of the equipment, any outstanding warranties, the costs that have been spent on service and repairs, and the costs to repair versus the costs to replace.

If it is time to replace your unit? Our construction department will ensure that the job is done safely, on time, and to specification. Xtra’s commitment to health and safety is top priority and is driven by corporate culture. Every employee at Xtra Mechanical takes pride and ownership as it relates to health and safety, which can be seen in our track record throughout our entire customer base. All of our HVAC technicians are 313A licensed and TSSA certified.




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XTRA Mechanical have consistently applied a proactive approach in providing their services to us, always staying one step ahead of our concerns in anticipation of future requirements.


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