Tech’s Corner: Warranty and Commissioning Experts for DataAire Equipment

Tech's Corner,Training / March 9, 2017

Xtra Mechanical sent our Service Manager, John, along with our technician, Jonathon to California for DataAire Manufacturing Training. Xtra Mechanical has successfully completed DataAire Factory Training and are certified experts for Warranty and Commissioning DataAire equipment.

Check out Jonathon’s Training Experience below:

“In my short 6-year career I have had the pleasure and the privilege of travelling to receive training within the various sectors of our industry. My most recent training opportunity took me to the DataAire facility located in Orange County, California. The training began with an introduction to the company, a summary about the data room cooling units, and the main objectives set out by DataAire.

The equipment manufactured by DataAire is designed to address the high sensible heat loads within a data processing environment, while doing so with accuracy and tight tolerances. The training program covered quite a bit of material. I was taught the installation and piping practices. Start up procedures and start-up sheets were discussed in depth. They also covered the various tests that need to be made and recorded prior to commissioning a unit. We extensively covered the Dap4 controller and its hundreds of different parameters. We had hands on training where I programmed a controller and linked it to other units using the Zone Master feature. The factory tour was definitely one of the highlights! We walked through the facility, saw units being assembled, and saw systems being factory tested. We also had the opportunity to examine a G Force ultra unit and all of its components including the variable speed compressor, ECM blower motor and electronic expansion valve.

I met DataAire’s service manager Steven, as well as members from the sales and tech support teams. They assured me that they would be happy to help with any issues I encounter out in the field. Overall, it was a fantastic experience! I’m happy to represent Xtra Mechanical Ltd as the Warranty and Commissioning experts for DataAire equipment!”

What Our Clients are Saying

XTRA Mechanical have consistently applied a proactive approach in providing their services to us, always staying one step ahead of our concerns in anticipation of future requirements.


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